Prepare for one of the best experiences you will ever have

We take travelers on adventures in TOMCARS (an amazing vehicle that is capable of going ANYWHERE AND BACK). Forget 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, dune buggies, or any of those types of off-road vehicles. The TOMCARS blows them all away. No matter how difficult the terrain, this vehicle handles it with comfort and ease leaving you feeling safe and secure while you drive through the most amazing and beautiful hidden natural treasures of Costa Rica. Anyone from your 6 year old to your great grandma will enjoy the ride. We can customize the adventure just for you. From surf to nature, sunrise to sunset, we will take you through the heavy jungle, the most amazing rivers, streams, mountains and waterfalls you can ever imagine. We guarantee a good time!

Our moto: “There is no try, only do.” YODA.


- To offer a new exciting way to get to know Costa Rica by directing our guests on adventures in TOMCARS (an amazing vehicle that is capable of going anywhere and back. You will have the opportunity to drive them yourself, weather if its surf or nature, in order to provide a high quality experience that you will never forget.

- To supply Nosara with dust protection products such as masks and bandanas, in order to reduce the health problems in the area related to excess of dust in the public roads.

- Improve the current habitat for our best friends the howler monkeys.


- To become the top adventure activity in Costa Rica, capable of creating an amazing and unforgettable experience for our guests.