TomCars – The SAFE and FUN way to go off road!

rollcageWhy put your and your family’s safety and comfort in jeopardy riding a Quad/ATV when there is a better alternative? The injuries and fatalities associated with ATV’s are often caused by lack of operator experience and no body protection in the event of a roll or crash.

4 Point Harness
4 Point Harness
Fully Automatic
Fully Automatic

Driving our Tomcars offers the same thrill and exhilaration without the risk. The fully welded roll cage, four point harness, automatic transmission and low centre of gravity provides peace of mind on the rough terrain of Costa Rican trails, while the roof and windshield offers coverage and protection from the sun and elements. Customer safety should be the top priority for a tour company.

Howling Monkey Adventures strives to ensure guests enjoy our adventure without injury or incident and we believe our Tomcars are the best choice for your vacation memories.


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The TOMCAR! YOU are the driver of the safest highest level performance off-road vehicle in its class! The TOMCAR was created to make the impossible possible. From it’s origins as a fast, tough, off road military vehicle, the Tomcar has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable and versatile machine for use in the most demanding conditions.

The TOMCAR is the result of military and industrial development incorporating off-road vehicle technology and the physics of driving into an easy to operate, lightweight automotive framework with advanced safety features and high ground clearance. TOMCAR's impeccable safety record coupled by ease of use cannot be duplicated by any other off-road vehicle on the market. Get ready for the adventure of a life-time!


  • Sliding bucket seats with racing style 4-point safety harness
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Automotive safety glass windshield
  • Armor reinforced front end drive system
  • Long suspension travel and low center of gravity
  • Four wheel fully independent suspension
  • Roll cage, the only completely welded unit in the off-road industry, utilizing a thickness of steel normally used in bigger, heavier vehicles
  • Automatic transmission
  • Controls like a traditional automobile vs. ATV/UTV enabling a rapid learning curve for the operator