Off Road Adventures near Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo & Playa Lagartillo ATV Tours - Come experience the most unique fun you can have on wheels near Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Howling Monkey Waterfall ATV Adventure Tours:

  • Experience an adventure like no other in our TOMCARs, the safest, highest level performance off-road unit, originally built for use as an Israeli military vehicle
  • Arrive for check-in, safety and operating orientation at 7:45 am and be off and rolling with your guide by 8:15 am through winding trails towards the private waterfalls
  • Your guide will stop along the way for water breaks, photo opportunities and to point out the amazing scenery and any animals that might make an appearance
  • At the waterfalls, take an easy hike down trails bordering the river and waterfalls, stopping for snacks and refreshments while cooling off in natural plunge pools
  • Feeling Adventurous? Climb up for some waterfall jumping while the others relax, swim and take photos
  • Cold Water, Organic Fruit Snacks and Waterfall Entrance Fees are all included, as well as Goggles and Bandanas to use for the dusty trails
  • Howling Monkey Adventure Tour Prices: Adults $125 per person - Children (under 16 years of age) $80 per person

Howling Monkey Exclusive TOMCAR Track:

  • Drive our awesome TOMCARS around our exclusive track, and experience the thrill and power of the most advanced off-road vehicle in its class, and perfect for the jungle trails of Costa Rica
  • Experience our exciting track, complete with wild turns and jumps - everything you want in an off-road thrill ride!
  • Brand new restroom and shower facilities for your comfort - in case you want to get down and dirty on the track. It's a scientific fact that adrenaline attracts dirt.
  • CAUTION: Be prepared - It is extremely likely that plain old ATV's and go-cart tracks will never again be as fun once you've experienced the Howling Monkey TOMCAR Track!
  • TOMCAR Track Price: $40 for 4 intense laps

CAUTION: Traditional off road vehicles can be extremely dangerous.
Our TOMCARS are MUCH SAFER and MORE FUN than traditional Quads, ATV's, UTV's and Side by Sides

Why put your and your family’s safety and comfort in jeopardy riding a Quad/ATV when there is a better alternative?
Read More about our Tomcar Safety Features

What Are People Saying?

"What more do you want?"

"You get to drive crazy-fun off road cars over beautiful terrain. The guys are very cool, the cars are awesome... you will look back at the pictures and it!"
"Don't miss this!"

"I don't think there is much to say about this other than awesome!...
I can't say enough good things about this, what a day!"

Welcome to Howling Monkey Adventures!
Now located in Playa Lagartillo, Costa Rica, near Tamarindo

We are located on Playa Lagartillo near Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  Onsite, guests have access to our Exclusive TOMCAR Track, brand new restroom facilities including showers for convenience and use before and after track laps and tours, as well as free wifi for easy posting of the day's experience on social media.
We are pleased to accept requests for tour bookings outside of our regular track & tour schedule as well as special custom tours (additional charges may apply) and will attempt to fulfill each request depending on availability of vehicles and staff. Just give us some advance notice and we'll help plan your Howling Monkey Adventure!


The TOMCAR! YOU are the driver of the safest highest level performance off-road vehicle in its class! The TOMCAR was created to make the impossible possible. From it’s origins as a fast, tough, off road military vehicle, the Tomcar has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable and versatile machine for use in the most demanding conditions.

The TOMCAR is the result of military and industrial development incorporating off-road vehicle technology and the physics of driving into an easy to operate, lightweight automotive framework with advanced safety features and high ground clearance. TOMCAR's impeccable safety record coupled by ease of use cannot be duplicated by any other off-road vehicle on the market. Get ready for the adventure of a life-time!


  • Sliding bucket seats with racing style 4-point safety harness
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Automotive safety glass windshield
  • Armor reinforced front end drive system
  • Long suspension travel and low center of gravity
  • Four wheel fully independent suspension
  • Roll cage, the only completely welded unit in the off-road industry, utilizing a thickness of steel normally used in bigger, heavier vehicles
  • Automatic transmission
  • Controls like a traditional automobile vs. ATV/UTV enabling a rapid learning curve for the operator